About Us

For some, cars are a passion.  For others, a business.  Our story began as a love affair with history, with a sense of treasuring the past and a chance to show future generations that life wasn't always so disposable.

Our early years were spent passionately collecting and restoring old American army motorbikes - the Harley Davidson XA being a favorite.  In fact we found, imported and restored the last remaining complete XA back in 2003.  As you will see from our Bikes section, we are still actively involved in motorbikes - in comparison to cars they are considerably simpler and quicker to restore and can be very rewarding.

Our resoration team really are second to none.  We have such strength and depth in our knowledge and ability that it allowed us to naturally progress from motorbikes to cars.  Our first outing was a 1942 Packard Ambulance which was actually used at Pearl Harbor.  We knew we were doing something right when we displayed it at Beltring's "War & Peace Show" and it drew crowds of admiring spectators.

We decided then that we would concentrate on 1941-1942 US staff cars.  After all they are rare, have a great history and well, we knew a lot about them already.  Finding cars is always a challenge but fortunately we had already begun making contacts overseas so locating cars became easier.  What had started as a hobby was turning into a business.

Beltring's "War & Peace Show" 2012 saw us showcasing a 1942 Packard Clipper.  It was the first time that we had decided to exhibit as a business and stuck a "For Sale" sign in the car window just to see what would happen.  It sold straight away. The buyer was the owner of Army Cars Holland - the largest military museum in Holland.  He's seen it all. He knows his stuff. He was amazed and delighted at the standard of restoration and immediately offered to house all our restored military staff cars for European sale.

By this point we had already begun moving towards American classic cars from the same 1941-1942 era.  We had found a couple of Woodie's and a few convertibles and felt that this would allow us to step up and refine our skills once again. It's an exciting future filled with perhaps less drab, more shine.  Whatever we do though - it'll be Restored in England.

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