What we do – the simple version

We take a period American manufactured car and strip it down to its components parts which are disassembled and cleaned.  All parts are checked for damage and wear with components replaced as required.  The finished parts are then coated with top quality primers and finished off with specifically mixed and tinted paints to exactly match period colour shades.

The car is then carefully reassembled using re-plated components to give it that "just left the factory" look.  Together with a new interior, carpets, tyres and decals the car is profiled and registered ready for you to drive away.

Classic Cars

Our move into the classic car genre has been one of aesthetical prowess, of pride and of challenge.  We have begun hand-picking genuine select 1941-1942 vehicles and importing them from USA in preparation for restoration.  Amongst others these vehicles include a 1942 Packard 180 convertible, a 1942 Ford Woodie a 1941 Chrysler Windsor convertible, a 1941 Buick Woodie and a 1941 Cadillac convertible.  These will be incredibly rare breathtaking show cars once completed.

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Military Vehicles / Staff Cars

Many staff cars on the military vehicle show circuit are pre and post war cars.  Not ours.  What we offer are not replicas or reproductions but period American motor vehicles lovingly restored to World War Two specification.  Unlike a Hotchkiss with stars or an ex-film car with the wrong engine, you are purchasing a genuine piece of World War Two American history which will only increase in value as you enjoy it.  From Eisenhower's Packard, MacArthur's Cadillac or Cpt. G.I. Joes' Nash we have cars to suit all budgets and taste.

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Project Cars

Due to our passion and enthusiasm for these aging vehicles we have somehow managed to collect far more cars than we have the room for.  So if you are looking for a project then this is the perfect opportunity for you to get your hands on a genuine piece of American history.  All of our cars have clear US titles and have been imported from the sunshine states by our in house freight forwarder Spicer International.  Please contact us today for more information.

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Have you started a restoration project but have run out of steam?  What about that dream classic car which you would like to rescue?  Why not tell us about your project or let us find a car and restore it for you – talk to us today.

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